Grace 1 and 2, Envisat Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 02:34:04 EDT

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    With my 10x50s i was able to easily see GRACE 1 #27391 02012A followed 22
    sec later (mental count) by GRACE 2 #27392 02012B almost along the same
    track as they passed between Kocab and Pherkad. I didn't getting a proper
    timing but they were within the predicted time of 05:39:xx 19 Apr UTC. Don't
    know how long they'll be together but they made a nice pair to look for,
    especially since they are related.
    I also observed Envisat #27386 02009A as it went above (E) Pollux at
    06:21:50, no other objects in front of or trailing it.
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