Envisat with its partner again

From: Tom Wagner (sciteach@mchsi.com)
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 23:14:51 EDT

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    Here we go again with the unexpected satellite that I saw the other night.
    A very faint satellite emerged from the earth's shadow about 22:58:15 very
    close to Arcturus. I was watching it, thinking it was Envisat being early
    but wondering why it was so faint when, all of a sudden, at about the time
    Envisat was supposed to appear it did, but father into Bootes than I
    expected it should be. Envisat was also considerably brighter than the first
    satellite and caught up with it at 22:59:15.
    Just thought somebody else might want to watch for this pair of satellites
    too. I am going to again tomorrow night if it's clear. I find it hard to
    believe that they would still show up together again a few days and being in
    different orbits.
    Clear skies,
    Observer's Location: 42.4735N, 92.3604W
    Local Time:  Central Daylight Time (GMT - 5:00)
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