ISS between Jupiter & Moon

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 19:07:44 EDT

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    For those that live in the middle states in the USA....assuming clear skies,
    Kansas City, Kansas should have the opportunity to see the ISS space station
    cruise close to Jupiter (actually between Jupiter and the Moon) tonight. The
    line through which this type of pass will be visible extends (at least) from
    Kansas City, Kansas down through south central Missouri through the an area
    near the Mississippi/Tennessee border but in north central Mississippi. The
    coordinates used to plot this path were 35.0000N, 89.1000W and 37.4735N,
    I got my information at Heavens-Above.
    Note to Robert Matson. Can you check to see if tonight the ISS will make a
    pass through the approximate center of the moon at the following
    coordinates? 35.0000N, 89.2500W.  This is a point about 44 miles ESE of
    Memphis, Tennessee.
    Tom W.
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