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From: Robert G Fenske Jr (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 09:40:52 EDT

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    On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Ed Cannon wrote:
    > Sue wrote:
    > > I saw a very nice flying-in-tandem pass of the pair a
    > > little earlier this evening.  ...  Both appeared
    > > to be about the same brightness, but thin and patchy
    > > clouds probably skewed that.
    > Two neighbors and I were very lucky to be able to see the
    > same pass.  The sky was mostly cloudy from my apartment,
    > several km SSE of Sue's location.  After the satellites
    > disappeared, I looked back toward the Moon and was no
    > longer able to see it!  The two orbiters also appeared to
    	From San Antonio I saw the same pass.  For once it seems SA had fewer
    clouds than Austin had.  I first spotted the pair as the came from behind the
    tree.  They had about a 4 degree separation at that point.  After passing
    through a thin cloud -- "winking" while doing so -- they gradually increased
    in brightness and separation, both reaching about -2 and separated by 7-8
    degrees.  They went into shadow a little after culmination about the time
    they would have been hidden by a thicker cloud.
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