ISS Simulator V2.0 now available to download

From: G6GAK - Mike Tyrrell (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 17:40:40 EDT

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    At long last we have finished V2.0 of the virtual reality ISS simulator.
    This allows the appearance of the ISS to be simulated in VRML and viewed in
    Internet Explorer in 3D as you would see it through a telescope.
    New features in V2.0
    * automatic selection of the correct ISS model from flight 5A up to the
    current mission 8A
    * ability to add shuttle and MPLM module during shuttle missions
    * select which ISS ports have a Progress docked
    * automatic rotation of all solar arrays to face the sun
    * improved screen layout, help file & debug messages
    The zip file can be downloaded from
    If you unzip to a directory other than C:\ISSsimulator please remember to
    set the working directory in the simulator options.
    If you have used an earlier version of the simulator you should install V2.0
    in a different directory if you want to be able to continue to run the old
    Please report any bugs to the address shown on the main simulator screen.
    Mike Tyrrell / Phil Masding
    Manchester, UK
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