Envisat & Mystery Satellite

From: Tom Wagner (sciteach@mchsi.com)
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 00:18:13 EDT

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    I took my new Night Owl Night Scope (model NOCX3, 3.1 X magnification) out
    tonight to see if I could see the ISS/Shuttle come over the horizon just
    north of Venus which was about to set. Sure enough, at about 21:35:20 I
    spotted it slowly moving about a degree or so above the horizon. I probably
    could have seen it even lower but started viewing a few seconds late. While
    it was still faint (and reddish) I compared the brightness of the ISS as
    seen through my night scope with my 7 x 35 binocs and it was definitely
    easier to see in my scope. I have discovered that for stars the night scope
    is a little better than my 7 x 35's. The scope also seems to be particularly
    sensitive to red light.
    Seeing the ISS/Shuttle pass below the beautiful combination of Venus, Mars,
    the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter was a real treat too!
    At 21:53:11 I watched Envisat emerge from the earth's shadow. It came into
    view in Bootes. According to Heavens-Above it was a mag 3.7. Much to my
    delight, about 4 seconds after Envisat faded into view, another satellite,
    maybe two magnitudes fainter, faded into view, also in Bootes but a couple
    degrees higher (as I recall) than Envisat. The second satellite was
    traveling on a parallel course with Envisat but was moving more slowly.
    Can anybody determine what that second satellite might have been? My
    coordinates were Lat: 42.4735 Lon: -92.3604, GMT correction daylight savings
    time: -5.0 hours.
    At 22:33:28 I saw the Okean O Rocket come out from the Earth's shadow.
    According to the info at Heavens-Above it is supposed to be flashing quite
    nicely. However, I saw no flashes. Anybody else see this flash lately?
    Thanks in advance for you help.
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