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Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 11:33:02 EDT

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    For fun, I once set out to see how many different objects I could see in one
    night.  I used an 80 mm refractor, a set of Quicksat predictions annotated
    with SKYMAP positions, and a computer to record times with comments.   I
    don't remember the exact total but it was about 340.  The real limit for me
    was keeping track of what to look for next.  Two people working together
    with one doing the organizing and the other observing would see many more.
    In the last seven years I have seen 2150 different objects.  It is busy up
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    > Steve Newcomb just posted, "Saw twenty some new for me sats."
    > Have any of you ever tried to observe a record number of satellites with
    > w/o optical aid (binocs or telescopes) in one evening, like from sunset to
    > hours past or from sunset to sunrise or whatever?
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