Re: Possible source of Ugandan rocket fragment

From: Chris Olsson (
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 08:40:04 EDT

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    Alan Pickup wrote:
    >one very attractive candidate
    >GStar 1 Ariane 3 r                               261 x 113 km
    >1 15679U 85035C   02086.67815157  .86040068 -35625-4  91360-3 0  1504
    >2 15679   6.4985 118.5911 0112803 299.1047  61.4789 16.32169231222178
    >very close indeed to the interpolated track position<
    There is a village called Kasambya approximately 7 miles from Mubende.
    Kasambya is located at:
    00 31' 45"N  031 16' 00" 1275m amsl
    That is a couple of kilometres to the left (North) of the track shown in the
    above TLE.
    As you say, this is *very* close!
    All the evidence suggests that your identification of the debris as being from
    GStar 1 Ariane 3 rocket (#15679 = 85- 35 C) is correct.  The date is a perfect
    match and the time and, although not explicitly stated in the reports, is
    consistent with being in the local evening. The direction from which it was
    observed to approach Fort Portal was from the West, which is also in good
    agreement with your identification.
    The observers in Western Uganda mention that there were actually eight visible
    objects in the debris train.  I suspect that there may be one or more other
    pieces of debris in the vicinity of the village, hidden in the thick jungle,
    along a line running approximately 082/262 from the above co-ords.
    Cheers,       Chris Olsson
    57.0419N  3.1739W (WGS84)
    261m amsl
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