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    Steve Newcomb just posted, "Saw twenty some new for me sats."
    Have any of you ever tried to observe a record number of satellites with or
    w/o optical aid (binocs or telescopes) in one evening, like from sunset to 3
    hours past or from sunset to sunrise or whatever?
    I am relating this to a Messier object marathon done by some astronomy
    buffs.  I would imagine that having two people, one looking at the charts
    and a clock and calling out commands and jotting down records would help a
    lot. A tape recorder might help too.
    Once, before a Starshine pass, I taped information regarding where a
    satellite was supposed to be in relation to various constellations as it
    moved through the sky. Then at a certain moment, when my watch alarm went
    off, I started the tape player. As the seconds went by, I heard my voice
    saying things like, "It should be in Ursa Major right now. Now it's in
    Cassiopeia" and so on. I figured that was the only way I would positively
    identify the few flashes produced by Starshine. As it turned out, there were
    so many flashing airplanes in my Midwestern sky, that even with the taped
    descriptions about where to look and when, I was heavily distracted and did
    not positively identify any flashes. The general idea worked well though.
    Clear skies,
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