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Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 00:00:04 EDT

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    Saw twenty some new for me sats, mainly Cosmos's, on Wed. and Thurs., clear
    and warm. On 4/10/02 DMSP F14 #24753 was viewed at 96X thru 8" reflector
    below Jupiter at a distance of half the viewable diameter of the planet
    (very close)  at 01.41.34 UTC. The el set I used had it above Jupiter by
    same amount, and I did allow for the inverted image in telescope, normally
    observe with 10 X 50 binocs. Jupiter's red spot also observed at higher
    On 4/11/02 at 01.46.00 UTC saw ISS with STS-110 docked at 345 az 15 el
    traveling north to shadow at 22d elevation. I like sightings with lots of
    people on board.
    Lat 39.4697 Lon -79.3393 Alt 2573 ft
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