NASA web site currently shows STS in a 28 degree orbit

From: Kevin Mangis (
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 18:49:13 EDT

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    The NASA site that gives the real-time position of the ISS and Shuttle
    is currently showing the shuttle in a 28 degree inclination orbit:
    Is the true Shuttle orbital information being restricted due to NASA's
    new policy, or is this just a mistake?  Where can these values (which
    update regularly as if they are real-time) be coming from?  Perhaps
    this is a replay of the early Shuttle orbits from the HST servicing
    Oh wait, the site appears to have been corrected just a few moments ago
    (at T + 2hours).  So it was either a mistake all along, or perhaps a
    new policy of waiting until 2 hours after liftoff to provide the
    correct information?
    - Kevin Mangis
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