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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 23:21:16 EDT

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    Ed Wrote
    I think that OIG's RCS values for geostationary and
    similar satellites may not be very reliable.
    The vales are not reliable.
    Galaxy 11 has a rcs value of 660.5076 . I beleive rcs value are square 
    Boeing says it is 102 ft ( 31 m )long.
    ANIK F1 has a rcs value 188.1741.
    It is 132.5 ft ( 40.4 m ) long.
    So you can see the rcs values are not that reliable.
    Russell wrote
    I also saw my first geo sat - Galaxy 11.
    If you look at it again, with an eyepeice with a good field of view, you 
    should see nimiq 1. Using my 70 mm refractor with a eyepeice that gives 
    around 1.25 degree feild of view I can easily see the two together in the 
    feild of view.
    Anyone in canada who has one of those bell minidish satellite receivers, 
    nimiq 1 is the sat you get the signal from.
    As galaxy 11 is east of nimiq 1, it will be the first "moving star" to pass 
    between two stars, when the path of the satellites goes between two stars.
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