Re: strange events around Munich

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 07:22:23 EDT

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    At 19:56 7/04/02, you wrote:
    >German media reports strange light phenoma for about 30 seconds in 
    >the south of Germany, witnessed by thousands of people (also experts). 
    >Some claims it is space debris, some think it's the comet. But that is 
    >not possible a non-expert will not see the comet with the naked eye!
    >Any glue????
    Theo, there were no man-made garbage close enough to decay at 20:30UT
    April 6, so it cant be "space junk". you can check alan Pickup's
    site about decays at
    Comet Ikeya-Zheng was above the horizon at the time,
    elevation 8 degrees at a bearing 24 degrees west of north. It may
    have been noticed. of course it wouldnt be moving except with the
    rotation of the Earth. 
    Almost certainly a slow grazing meteor.
    tony beresford  FRAS, FBIS
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