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Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 00:16:02 EST

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    I hope this is not naive for me to say/ask this but, what difference does it
    make if someone knows where the classified satellites are? The bad guys of
    any importance would logically assume they are being watched anyway and
    there is really nothing they can do about an object in orbit--or if there
    is, they will know where they are anyway....right?
    Tom W
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    > Could somebody please direct me to a link or give information on what is
    > "legally" allowed to be discussed concerning  Classified objects?  I
    > why things are classified, but I have no idea what these things are.
    > Is this information that is available in the seesat faq or something like
    > that?
    > I'd just like to know what the rules are on this.
    > Thanks.
    > Daniel Crawford
    > > Lacrosse 3 is a classified US object.  I had thought we were banning the
    > > posting of observations, TLEs, and other information regarding
    > > US sats?
    > >
    > > But you know, if Heavens-Above is going to post orbital data of Lacrosse
    > > 3, then why not lift the ban on SeeSat-L?  Or convince Heavens-Above to
    > > squelch its data on classified US satellites?
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