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From: Robert G Fenske Jr (
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 09:28:03 EST

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    On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, The Flange wrote:
    > Last night (3/4) I made an interesting observation of a pair of objects
    > which I have been unable to identify.  At around 22:30 - 22:35UT I
    > noticed a bright yellow object in the S/SSW, around magnitude -2,moving
    > towards the N/NNE.  I soon noticed there was a 2nd object about 5 seconds
    > ahead of it, much fainter at around mag 4.  As the objects
    > passed overhead going NNE both were around magnitude 4.  At first I
    > thought perhaps I'd observed the Shuttle and ET (which I've seen
    > before) but quickly realised a) its the wrong day and b) the shuttle
    > appears in the west from my location after launch.  But that's what it
    > looked like.  I'm sure someone will know of a such pair of satellites,
    > at least one of which is clearly capable of bright flares - can
    > someone ID?
    	I found 3 satellites that are possible matches: Cosmos 1726 r
    (#16496), USA 160 (#26905), and USA 160 C (#26907).  USA 160 and USA 160 C
    (what are these two?) would have been paired up within some seconds of each
    other but would have come more in the SW --> NE direction.  All 3 though
    would have been predicted to be in the +5-+6 mag range so the brightness you
    observed is anomalous.
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