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From: The Flange (
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 07:25:18 EST

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    Last night (3/4) I made an interesting observation of a pair of objects
    which I have been unable to identify.  At around 22:30 - 22:35UT I
    noticed a bright yellow object in the S/SSW, around magnitude -2,moving
    towards the N/NNE.  I soon noticed there was a 2nd object about 5 seconds 
    ahead of it, much fainter at around mag 4.  As the objects
    passed overhead going NNE both were around magnitude 4.  At first I
    thought perhaps I'd observed the Shuttle and ET (which I've seen
    before) but quickly realised a) its the wrong day and b) the shuttle
    appears in the west from my location after launch.  But that's what it
    looked like.  I'm sure someone will know of a such pair of satellites,
    at least one of which is clearly capable of bright flares - can
    someone ID?
    Also can anyone tell me what Envisat is?  I see it on Heaven's above
    main page but haven't had a chance to observe it.  I assume it has
    something special about it to be on the main page.
    Also last night, observed 25017 Lacrosse 3, vivid red through the pass,
    and 23405 Cosmos 2297 R which was pulsing between mags 2 and 4 with a
    very regular 2 pulse per second cycle on this pass - this is a nice
    Matt Fawcett
    53.893N 0.273W
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