RE: Shuttle launch 4-4-02 / close pair of sats?

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 19:18:24 EST

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    Hi Harald,
    > you are quite right, and I realized that when I went outdoors at
    > 22:15.  I did see a sat somewhere low in the NNW though, and
    > later on, saw a pair of sats moving right through my zenit.
    > They were mag +5, about 1 (!) deg. apart, with the trailing
    > sat at a slightly offset track, moving from SW to NE.  It
    > was obviously not the shuttle, since the ISS has an
    > inclination less than my latitude and the pair was moving
    > NW.
    It also couldn't have been the Shuttle since according to my
    calendar it is still April 3rd, and therefore it hasn't launched
    yet... --Rob
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