Re: Shuttle launch 4-4-02 / close pair of sats?

From: Harald Edens (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 18:50:54 EST

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    you are quite right, and I realized that when I went outdoors at 22:15.  I did see
    a sat somewhere low in the NNW though, and later on, saw a pair of sats moving right
    through my zenit.  They were mag +5, about 1 (!) deg. apart, with the trailing sat
    at a slightly offset track, moving from SW to NE.  It was obviously not the shuttle,
    since the ISS has an inclination less than my latitude and the pair was moving NW.
    Time was 22:37 UT, my location 52d37'N and 05d09'E.  I wonder what that pair of
    sats have been.  Since heavens-above appears to be down, I didn't check yet.  They
    went slower than ISS, thus much higher and presumably still were outside earth's
    shadow.  A beautiful sight, even though I didn't spot the shuttle.
    52d37'N  05d09'E  -2m
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    Paul and Harald,
    I assume that STS 110 will be already in the earth shadow before it climbs
    over our horizon
    just after launch. I verified this with following TLE emailed to SeeSat by
    Ted Molczan:
    1 99999U          02094.95310089  .00025948  12201-4  18433-4 0    10
    2 99999  51.6368  61.4230 0011454 285.1487 252.4856 16.17009401    03
    in fact for my own location. And yes my assumption was confirmed.
    Bram Dorreman, (PPAS collector)
    COSPAR 4160 (Achel 1):
    51 16' 45.5" N (51.2793 N),
    5 28' 36.6" E (5.4768 E)
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    Subject: Re: Shuttle launch 4-4-02
    >I will observe from Holland between 22:20 - 22:30.  The weather is clear
    >I'm a little further south and east of you and expect a higher pass, I'll
    >try photography if I see it.
    >Harald Edens
    >Wijdenes NL
    >   52d 37' N
    >   05d 09' E
    >   -2m
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    >Subject: Shuttle launch 4-4-02
    >> Hi,
    >> Assuming that lift off is at 22:12 UT are any other UK/Europe observers
    >> attempting to observe the launch?
    >> I estimate that it should be visible from the UK, low in the SSW at
    >> about 22:25ish UT.
    >> Perhaps a chance to co-ordinate observations. For once the weather
    >> forecast for the UK is reasonable.
    >> Pjh
    >> Sheffield
    >> UK
    >> 53.3 N 1.46 W
    >> +220M
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