Re: Shenzhou module?

From: Phillip Clark (
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 08:31:53 EST

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    On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Edward S Light wrote:
    > OIG is now giving elements for:
    > UNK
    > 1 27408U 02014C   02091.43726331 -.01229964  00000-0 -77166-2 0    17
    > 2 27408  42.4101 346.6086 0006772 322.3544 211.6198 15.78523509    17
    > Is the Shenzhou reentry module or the capsule which will remain in orbit?
    I expect that this is the orbital module.
    If it behaves like the SZ 2 orbital module, we should see a manoeuvre
    tomorrow (Tuesday) to raise the orbit to ~400 km circular.   That is when
    I expect the small sub-satellite will separate.   Higher altitude ==>
    longer orbital lifetime.   I discussed this last week in a piece sent in
    to the web site.
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