Re: Observations - Shenzhou 3 + Shenzhou 3 Rocket

Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 07:42:37 EST

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    In a message dated Sun, 31 Mar 2002  1:43:57 AM Eastern Standard Time, Jonathan T Wojack <> writes:
    > What are the possible explanations for a varying rotation period during a
    > single pass?  I would think that even a complex tumbling action would
    > still produce the same rotation period.  Or perhaps I am not visualizing
    > it properly.
    The Shenzhou 3 Rocket was tumbling and, because of its mean motion, geometry, long flash period, etc., it was difficult to get a good flash period time.
    Since this object will soon decay its not worth further comment except to look for the next Long March II F rocket to be a flasher.
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