Re: canada arm 2

From: Scott D. Young (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 19:12:27 PDT

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    At 08:10 PM 4/30/01, Greg Kail wrote:
    >It seems that "much is being made" of the fact that
    >Canada-arm-2 is much stronger than #1. Why is this a
    >concern in the micro gravity of orbit?
    While objects in orbit don't have weight, they do have mass, and the arm 
    must be strong enough to not flex under the inertia of a large payload. 
    Canadarm2 can move a mass the size of the shuttle (which is no coincidence, 
    I'm sure). Also, Canadarm2 has 7 degrees of freedom (vs 6 for the shuttle 
    arm) and has a hand at both ends, allowing it to move around.
    More details are at the Canadian Space Agency's website at
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