Re: Can someone ID this?

From: Patrick JL (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 01:14:18 PDT

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    Which is the e-mail of this lady, so that we could ask her directly some
    questions about what she saw ?
    Patrick Lumiot, Paris.
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    > This is an e-mail I just received. Does anyone want to hazard a guess
    > as to what she saw?      :)
    > I have updated my SKY VIEWS web site, below, for May.
    > ----------------------
    > Hello,
    > I found your email and site on the web after wondering what I saw the the
    > morning.
    > It was around 5am Florida time..looking East, I saw with my very far sited
    > what appeared to be three rings of
    > lights..I could count 5 lights on each ring, so I am guess it is circular
    > more than 5 lights, but it didn't move...light
    > rays shot out from the top and bottom of the three rings and woke my
    husband up
    > to see this site too. He gave me a not
    > so good pair of binoculars to try and see it clearer, but it was just a
    > explanation of what I saw. I stared at it for
    > about an hour and a half before it disappeared into the clouds and light
    > the morning.
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