ISS and SL-04 R/B

From: Eduardo Pulver (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 18:35:51 PDT

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    Today morning I've seen SL-04 R/B passsing over my city (San Pedro, 
    Argentina). It was very fast and it's brightness varied from been unseen to 
    be brighter than Mars. It gave many flashes. Only 4 minutes later appeared 
    the ISS with the Endeavour docked. Their trajectories were very similar and 
    I took a photograph of both of them in the same negative. Unfortunately 
    because of the incipient twilight, the extention of the shot (more than 5 
    minutes) and the variations in brightness and speed of the SL-04, I could 
    only registrate the ISS pass. Nevertheless I have a previous negative of 
    only 10 seconds (the shutter closed because of a problem of the cable) were 
    I can see a small trace of the rocket with evident fluctuations of brightness.
    I'll copy the two negatives tomorrow and I'll put it in my web site.
    Eduardo Pulver
    San Pedro  (Argentina)
    Lat -33.6875
    Long -59.6741
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