Re: ISS glints

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 12:16:24 PDT

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    > Here is a good depiction of the current configuration of ISS.  I am 
    > assuming this is the normal "LVLH" (local vertical, local 
    > horizontal) attitude.
    > I would consider the two large radiators, extended at right angles 
    > below 
    > the new solar arrays.  During unlatching and deployment of these two 
    > sections (as seen on NASA TV) it was very apparent the high 
    > reflectivity, 
    > mirror-like surfaces of the radiators.  You could easily see the 
    > astronauts 
    > image reflected back into his helmet-cam!  The image shows them as a 
    > dull 
    > grey, but they are much more reflective.  I will try to find exact 
    > dimensions.
    So, the radiators are the gray sheet-looking things attached to the truss
    at different horizontal heights, just under the solar arrays as shown in
    the illustration specificied above?
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