ISS/Endeavour as Extended Object

From: Sue Worden (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 20:54:08 PDT

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    I don't recall anyone else mentioning this yet...
    On two recent high and bright passes, the ISS/Endeavour docked
    pair appeared to me (one-power) to be an extended object.
    The first time it happened (April 24 local evening), the pair
    appeared to have a "T" shape for much of the pass, with the
    top of the "T" leading in the direction of motion.  The "T"
    shape was especially prominent near culmination.  However, I
    dismissed this as being an artifact of my astigmatism and/or
    strong "progressive lens" bifocals.
    Then I received an email from my father, who reported seeing
    a very similar presentation one-power on the same pass, from
    his home approximately 200 miles north of me.  My father has
    20/10 vision, uncorrected.
    Also, for the same pass from a location a little southwest of
    me, Ed Cannon reported being able to see "two or three separate
    bright spots" through Mike McCants' telescope.  See:
    The second time it happened (April 26 local evening), the pair
    appeared briefly to assume a "T" shape near culmination, but
    then it became a simpler extended bar shape, which finally
    became a mere pinpoint, as it dimmed on the descending arc.
    --Sue Worden (
      Austin, Texas  USA
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