Morning Pass Of ISS

From: Steve Adams (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 17:13:33 PDT

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    Hi all
    Just thought I would tell you about my sightings of ISS passing over my
    location, (below), yesterday and again this morning.  This mornings one was
    especially interesting because it was at a time when it was almost daylight.
    What a beautiful and graceful sight as she passed overhead into the sunrise
    this morning starting as predicted on Heavens-Above at 6:36am NZT.  I
    watched it until it had completely passed into the early morning blue sky
    and it remained clearly visible from my location until about 25deg alt.
    I think mag was higher than predicted and being no judge of mag as yet would
    say that is was similar to Mars which it passed nearby and which is plainly
    visible in the night sky at the moment.
    Couldn't see any detail with the naked eye or with 7x50 bino's.
    She was right on time and exactly as predicted by Heavens-Above. - I think
    I'll try and get some shots of her although I suppose they're a
    Maybe I'll get a good sighting of both when the shuttle separates?
    BTW - What an incredible sight Venus is in the southern sky at the moment! -
    It almost looks bright enough to be seen in broad daylight.
    Heads up all!
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