Re: Decay watch: Mystery to be solved

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 22:44:43 PDT

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    At 14:36 26/04/01 , Daniel Deak wrote:
    >Hi Tony and list,
    >I have a problem with this object. In Mark Wade's encyclopedia, there is no
    >mention of a Centaur stage or something similar on this type of Atlas. The only
    >stage mentioned is the first one with a 3.1 m dia, 20.1 m length and 4950 kg
    >mass. Space Com ID bears the letter B, so it's the rocket itself. The C object
    >from this launch is the Apogee Kick Motor that is in a much higher orbit right
    Daniel and the list,
    The Entry for the Atlas F-1 in MW encyclopedia, for the Atlas F1 launches 
    show that this launch was with Atlas F1/ SGS-1 . This same configuration
    is used for the first Navstar launch, later changed to Atlas F/Agena.
    This is referred to also in the RAE tables.
    Other launches with this vehicle use various  STAR X solid fuel rockets,
    so I assume the SGS is a small solid fuel stage, 1.8 metres long.
    The payload is A, the apogee kick motor is C , so the rocket body B is
    some small rocket. The only time an atlas sustainer + tankage madr it into
    orbit was for 1958 zeta, and for the mercury altlas launches I think.
    The stages referred to in the Atlas F entry are the  Atlas booster
    and sustainer parts that make its 1.5 stage rocket.
    Tony Beresford
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