Decay watch: Mystery to be solved

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 22:06:36 PDT

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    Hi Tony and list,
    I have a problem with this object. In Mark Wade's encyclopedia, there is no
    mention of a Centaur stage or something similar on this type of Atlas. The only
    stage mentioned is the first one with a 3.1 m dia, 20.1 m length and 4950 kg
    mass. Space Com ID bears the letter B, so it's the rocket itself. The C object
    from this launch is the Apogee Kick Motor that is in a much higher orbit right
    The version of the the SSR I've got is dated last October 31. There they show
    the RCS of the B object to be only .31 sq. m. The C object is .125. But a bit
    farther, they state the RCS of the GOES 2 AKM as being 299.2 sq. m. !!!! What an
    inflatable AKM it is !  :-)
    I saw nothing tonight (morning of the 26 UT) so maybe the object is not that big
    after all. Who's got a real answer to this mystery on this list ?
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