Re: 4/24/01 AM Obs from Orlando [Mars Odysy R/B 1]

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 13:48:30 PDT

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    > Brad, Alan Pickup has assigned a standard mag of 5.5 for this object
    > in his select listings. I assume he used observations of other 
    > recent delta
    > second stages. Looking at the pass you tried near 6 am your time 
    > this
    > morning via H-A, and the sun was only 10.8deg below horizon,
    > the range was 1600Km and I would think the phase angle was near 90. 
    > So the brightness would have been about mag 6.5, not easy to see in
    > a fairly bright sky.
    Is the "phase angle" the same thing as the "sun-object-observer" angle?
    Can you tell me what formula you used to determine that the magnitude
    would be +6.5, assuming +5.5 as the standard magnitude?
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