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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 14:10:05 PDT

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    Also been using this for UK-I found it checked out fine for my 
    location, which i had originally defined using old ordnance survey 
    maps-its the easiest way i have found yet for getting (and checking 
    locations) co-ords-I have a link to mapblast on my website
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    To anyone in the US that wants to verify the coordinates of their location:
    I  don't know how the rest of you do it but I determined my latitude and
    longitude here in the States using the data provided by Map Blast at
    By clicking on the latitude & longitude shown just above and to the right of
    the map of my location, a person can switch back and forth between the
    decimal coordinates and the degrees/minutes/seconds form.
    I just checked the accuracy of the Map Blast figures against the Digital
    OrthoPhoto Quadrangle Image information at Microsoft terraserver  .
    The info supplied by Map Blast was within a second of arc each way of the
    USGS image info.
    Using Terrserver, a person here in the states can find a picture of their
    house (unless its too new) on one of the photos supplied by the US
    Geological Survey.  To verify your exact coordinates, choose "Image Info"
    next to the upper left corner of the photo.
    Typing in the coordinates under "advanced find" will only get you within a
    couple miles of your location. The only way to actually find your place is
    to look for it the hard way as you zoom in closer and closer.
    Using Terraserver a person could locate the exact position of any vacant lot
    or spot on a country road and so on.
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