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From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 12:54:20 PDT

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    Rik Hill wrote:
    > I'm afraid mine are the old-fashioned mounts. No go-to, no computer,
    > heck, I still have old synchronous AC motor drives! -Rik
          My mount is the Losmandy G11 system which also does not permit automated GOTO. However, for about $1500, I
    can get the Gemini upgrade which will permit GOTO's as well as software-initiated slewing at 6-degrees per second
    (1200x sidereal rate).
          If you also have a Losmandy, the door is not totally shut. In addition to the LX200's from Meade and the
    Nexstar's from Celestron, I think the ETX line may also be usable in this mode as well right now.
    > > Rik,
    > >
    > >        Have a look at the SatelliteTracker software produced by Brent Boshart at
    > > - this is a really neat program that allows LX200 scopes to continuously
    > > track satellites while overhead.
    > >
    > >        Brent is now working to make the software also compatible with the Losmandy mounts and, more
    > > specifically, the Gemini system.
    > >
    > >        One of the options within the program is the exporting to an ASCII file the necessary coordinates of a
    > > particular pass (I do not remember the time interval but it may be something like 2 seconds) as per one of
    > > your questions below.
    > >
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