4/24/01 AM Obs from Orlando [Mars Odysy R/B 1]

From: Brad Kostelny (greyfox070@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 03:29:34 PDT

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    Hey all:
    I appreciate your feedback concerning Mars Odyssey R/B 1.  I went out this 
    morning armed with a good near-zenith plot, and I took a look at a 
    star-chart overlay showing the booster flying close to Vega.  I just came in 
    from this observation and saw nothing.  Either the elsats I am using or 
    wrong, or the booster is to darn dim to see.  However, if the estimate of 
    mag. ~3 holds, I should be able to see it.  I tracked Cosmos 1689 R/B this 
    morning in a beautiful horizon-to-horizon pass, and H-A listed this booster 
    as mag 3.8 .. so Mars Odyssey R/B should be an easy object.  =)
    BTW Cosmos 1689 R/B was not even close to mag 3.8 .. probably closer to 2 .. 
    the booster entered the shadows near Scoripus and was nearly as bright as 
    Beta Scorpii (listed as mag 2.55)
    Perhaps Mars Odyssey R/Bs orbit is decaying rapidly or has changed.  I saw 
    the object listed on decay lists as upcoming for mid-June.  This has turned 
    out to be a fascinatingly challenging object!!
    In case you were wondering, I use PocketSat on my Handspring Visor for plots 
    and I cross-check them with H-A data.  Pocketsat has been very accurate for 
    most satellites I have seen.
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