Re: Shuttle-ISS Zenith Pass

From: Skywise (
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 21:22:58 PDT

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    Gavin Eadie wrote:
    > Well, not very scientific, but I just had a zenith pass of
    > ISS/STS-100, a little while after sunset in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and
    > it's the brightest pass I've ever seen in a still blue sky.  It
    > flared quite a lot about 30 degrees past the zenith, then passed out
    > to the South-East, fading fast ... Most impressive, and I've been
    > watching Mir, Shuttles and ISS for quite a while now ... Gavin
    I just observed ISS/STS-100 myself from the LA suburb of Bellflower.
    It's the first sat observing I've been able to do in many months due
    to being way too busy with other stuff and also my first observation
    of ISS after installation of it's new 'wings'.
    It started out with a definate orange tint as many others have noted.
    But, as it passed through zenith (predicted 67) it began to brighten
    incredibly. I'm not the best at estimating magnitudes (even though
    I'm an amateur astronomer) but this flare was very bright. I had just
    observed a predicted -8 flare of Ir38 not 40 minutes earlier and it
    was on par with that pass.
    An incredible show to say the least.
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