Shuttle and ET observed from Berlin, Germany

From: Dirk Kroeling (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 00:34:59 PDT

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    Hi !
    The shortly before installed QUICKSAT predicted me a pass 20 deg respectively 18 deg over the south horizon at about 19:03 UTC. Thanks to Cees Bassa and Anthony Ayiomamitis for the TLE´s from Apr. 07 ! 
    At this time the culmination point was covered by clouds, but some degrees eastward I saw a "star" with 0 to 2 mag moving east.
    Through the 10x50 binocular I saw 2 objects. The below flying one was much brighter and deep orange coloured. I think it was the external tank.
    The Observation was very short from about 19:04:40 to 19:05:00 UTC.
    It was made from Schulzendorf 52.3670N  13.5830E, 1 Mile south of Berlin (Germany). 
    I think that it is interesting for the German SeeSaters.
    Clear and dark skys !
    Dirk Kroeling
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