April 19 Obs - 97 068A

From: Peter Wakelin (peter@ascotrig.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 10:06:55 PDT

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    In message <S32cGwM0OOJrzF5ldfZ0000d749@smtp02.iprimus.net.au>, Tony
    Beresford <starman@camtech.net.au> writes
    >In IOD format
    >25034 96 068A   8597 F 20010419120326100 27 25 0845400-545000 48 S+070 05       
    >25034 96 068A   8597 F 20010419120351000 27 25 0902700-524200 48 S+070 05       
    >the object was again fainter than I expect for this object.
    >It was also only 2min 45 seconds later for same sky position. This
    >is considerably smaller than the 4min + for a true geosync molniya
    >I suspect it may be another object, or something drastic has happened to 
    >it some time towards first week in April.
    >Tony Beresford
    Tony, following your previous night's obs I propagated Mike's last elset
    forward to April 6 using his INT2 programme, then knocked .0025 off mean
    motion and ran predictions for last night (18/19 UT).  I found it very
    close to the predicted position and at the usual brightness.  Its ground
    track is now drifting westwards and I guess it will move down again
    sometime to stabilise the track at some new longitude.  Please continue
    to observe it as often as possible.
    Although there was some cloud around I failed to find the older Trumpet
    94 026A which was due shortly after.  I hope that one has not manoeuvred
    They have both been operating with equator crossings near 20/200 degrees
    so I thought this might be their preferred operating tracks.  This
    seemed a good starting point to look for the missing Trumpet 95 034A
    following Ted's message of a few months ago but, so far, no success.
    Peter Wakelin
    COSPAR 2018, GUNDLETON, Lat 51.0945N, Long 1.1188W, 124m
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