Re: STS-100 over UK

Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 06:03:24 PDT

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    Last night I looked for the ISS on a pass about fifteen minutes later 
    than this will be in local time, and failed to pick it up because the 
    sky was just too bright. 
    The shuttle pass over the UK today is co-incident with sunset. You 
    will need to work out the azimuth and elevation fairly precisely in 
    order to stand a chance of seeing the orbiter and the tank against 
    that sort of background, particularly as it will be coming out of the 
    However, like you I will be trying for it.
    A delay of one hour is out of the question - the shuttle must launch 
    into the orbit plane of the ISS. The launch window for this is 
    generally less than five minutes, representing a maximum dog-leg 
    manoeuvre of plus or minus a half degree in longitude.
    The combined effects of the Earth's motion around the Sun and 
    precession of the ISS orbit about the Earth produce a launch 
    window which gets earlier by approximately 25 minutes per day. 
    Your desired one hour delay for better viewing conditions would 
    have been achieved from a launch on April 17.
    On 19 Apr 2001, at 13:13, 
         UK observers - keep your eyes peeled Westwards around 8pm local time 
         tonight to see the shuttle and discarded external tank (assuming 
         launch is on time).  Worth seeing, I saw them last year just after 
         launch, very nice sighting indeed.  It'll still be quite light at that 
         time so I'm hoping it will be delayed around an hour, then it'll be 
         Matt Fawcett
         53.893N 0.273W
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