Re: Saw Daytime Iridium Flare

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 18:23:35 PDT

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    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > A question I have is, does anybody have a means by which they can know
    > exactly where to look ahead of time?  Having the altitude and direction gets
    > me close but to know within a small space where to look is very difficult
    > with no more reference than a road that runs N-S and what I perceive as
    > being a certain angle between horizontal and straight up.
    I find it helps to go out one night and line up with a star. E.g. I know
    that the flare will be at az 258 el 72.
    So I run planetarium software, step it through different times, and note
    that a bright star will be at that position in the sky at 21:30 the
    previous night.
    I go out at night, note exactly where I stand & where the star is (just
    touching the top of a tree ...).
    Then I know where to look when I go out in daylgiht.
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