Saw Daytime Iridium Flare

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 18:05:22 PDT

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    I just saw my second daytime iridium flare in a light blue sky!
    It was Iridium 53, April 17, 19:06:56, Mag -8.2, 70 degrees up, & 78 degrees
    from the sun. The sun was 8 degrees off the horizon.
    I managed to gather a group of 8 people at the last minute to watch for it.
    I almost missed it (as did 5 others) because I wasn't looking right at it
    until one of the others hollered that they saw it and I looked more to the
    vertical.  I could see it for about 2 seconds.  Swirling blood cells and
    floaters were setting off most of the rest of the group, making the scene
    fairly chaotic.  I didn't even hear my watch go off.  ):~/
    A question I have is, does anybody have a means by which they can know
    exactly where to look ahead of time?  Having the altitude and direction gets
    me close but to know within a small space where to look is very difficult
    with no more reference than a road that runs N-S and what I perceive as
    being a certain angle between horizontal and straight up.
    I'm planning on seeing a -8 flare in less thatn an hour.  Just hope that the
    cops come along again to ask me what I'm doing.  As of two days ago they
    have either stopped by or pulled me over after I left the scene (for
    suspicious behavior)---on nine different occasions!  Each time I was either
    observing a celestial event, collecting some zoological specimen, or doing
    another science related activity, like trapping mice for my pet rattlesnake,
    or digging a hole from which to photograph a green heron.  That heron story
    went over especially well when they had me open my trunk and saw an old
    rusty knife and a dirty shovel.... :~]
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