Iridium passes

Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 13:27:17 PDT

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    Sighted the following predicted flares.
    04.13.2001  Iridium 19   The pass was as predicted on Heavens Above. the 
    flare lasted approximately 3 to 4 seconds. Quite impressive how  it slowly 
    gained intensity, then slowly faded from sight. A predicted pass of Iridium 
    51 was not seen at this site.
    04.14.2001  Iridium 36   The predicted flare from this satellite lasted 
    approximately 4 seconds. Appearance of the flare was the same as Iridium 19 
    the previous night.
    04.15.2001  Iridium 6     The pass was on time. The flare was dimmer though, 
                                        the amounts of dust still in the 
    atmosphere from the Gobi       
                                        Desert storm that drifted across the 
    04.15.2001  Unknown    This flare was sighted approximately 1 minute before 
                                        Iridium 6 passed by. The coordinates are:
                                        Azm: 073.0 dedgrees (NE)
                                        Alt: 20 degrees
                                        The flare from this object was the same 
    magnitude as
                                        Iridium 6. Heavens Above showes only one 
    possible object 
                                        passing over at this time;  Meteor 1-8 
    Rocket. Can anyone 
                                        confirm this for me?
    My location:  Long. -119.44W   Lat. 39.11N  Elev. 1433m
    P.S.  This is my first posting of observations. Hope it conforms!
    R. Morgan
    Carson City, Nevada
    39.11N, -119.44W, +1433m(4700ft)   
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