RE: Binocular Question

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 14:58:18 PDT

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    Hi Don,
    As far as binoculars go, I always assumed the most important
    factors for astronomical work were matching the exit pupil
    size to your own dark-adapted pupil size, and getting as
    much aperture as possible (within the constraints of comfort).
    I have 7mm pupils (which will get smaller as I age), so 7x50s
    or 8x56's are best (I have the latter).  I'm not sure if
    anyone makes 10x70s, but that would be as much magnification
    as I'd want.  Any more than that, and they get too heavy to
    hold steady at the higher magnification -- thus requiring
    a tripod.
    12x50s and 20x60s are not nighttime binoculars -- 4.2mm and 3mm
    pupils, respectively, are too small for night use.  You'd use
    these for birding or sporting events.
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