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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 08:10:19 PDT

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    Your statement about the Progress is correct, but indirectly.  For Shuttle
    flights 4A and 5A, the removal of the Progress from the FGB nadir port was
    required to make room for the Shuttle to dock on the Node 1 nadir port.  But
    from now on, the Shuttle will dock to the forward port of the Lab.  The
    rationale for the move this time is described in this excerpt from the
    current ISS Status Report at
    "The Progress supply craft currently docked to the aft end of the Zvezda
    module is scheduled to be undocked around April 15 in preparation for the
    arrival of the next shuttle flight carrying the station's Canadian-built
    robot arm and a second Italian Space Agency supplied logistics module called
    Raffaello. The open port allows for the relocation of the Soyuz capsule
    around April 17, which will provide clearance for the placement of Raffaello
    during the docked phase of the shuttle mission."
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    All I know is that soyuz is docked to the iss, while looking at the orbital 
    elements I would think they aren't. I am now waiting to see what norad has 
    to say, as I have sent them a message.
    At least on April 15 there will be a object near the iss, as Progress supply
    craft will be undocked on that day, tmake room for the shuttle to be 
    launched on april 19.
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