Re: ISS seen, Soyuz not

From: Robert Smathers (SSSSC Sat Shack) (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 08:14:12 PDT

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    > various components. We had the same situation with Mir.  Unless it is known that
    > something is undocked, all elements for components should be ignored. Just use
    > the elements for the main ISS.  It's been this way for years. It seems pointless
    I always thought the very minor difference in elements were due to the
    different orbit points for the various objects - i.e. the orbit
    point difference for the Destiny lab vs. the unity node is about 15
    feet so the difference in each element would be about 15 feet of
    in any case, whatever element is used is fine for any object as
    the error in time or tracking is so small that you won't notice it 
    when observing the object from the ground.
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