Re: STS-100 Launch

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 04:24:51 PDT

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          Thanks for the heads up. The launch time (18:36-18:46 UTC) is
    perfect for me (@ UT+3) as it will be nicely into the night sky and I
    should have very contrast and potential visibility.
          Can you provide a reference to a link with continually updated
    TLE's up to launch time as I would like to identify the area of the sky
    that STS-100 will be traversing.
    Hello List,
    STS-100 is expected to get launched on April 19, 2001 between 18:36 and
    18:46 UTC. Based on a nominal post-MECO elset of STS-101 I generated
    TLE for STS-100.
    1 99100U          01109.78569444  .62522813  16007-1  14227-3 0    36
    2 99100  51.5833  23.7506 0185286  12.2346  45.2048 16.28268321    19
    Note that this elset is only valid after MECO through OMS-2, thus
    10 and 50 minutes after launch.
    The Shuttle will fly over Europe during twilight, so, weather
    the space-shuttle Endeavour should be visible from Europe shortly after
    19:00 UTC. This is an interesting pass because not only the Shuttle is
    visible, but also the external tank, which separated from the Shuttle
    10 minutes after launch. Gas venting could also be visible.
    You can read a report of such an event at my website at:
    Let's hope the weather is on our side.
            Cees Bassa
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