Mars Odyssey 2001 Launch

From: Moritz Heger (
Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 03:42:40 PDT

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    Based on Boern Gimbles data I should have a pass of the launched vehicle
    over my house reaching a maximum elevation of 45 in the north-east. Is
    there any chance (if the typical Central European cloud layer we have as
    always vanishes; I don't remember one clear night the last month!) to see
    the vehicle, especially when the engines are running? The position of the
    sun then is 25=B0 elevated above the western horizon.
    When launched towards the ISS, the STS (Space Shuttle) also often is over
    the horizon in Europe during its first orbit. Could the STS and other higher
    inclination orbit satellite launches be seen during daylight or while
    passing the earths shadow with running engines, or are these in operation
    over Europe at all?
    Thank you.
    Moritz Heger
    48.7080N 11.3994E 370m WGS 84
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