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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 21:23:15 PDT

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    I do know that there is different orbital elements for the various modules 
    that make up the ISS. The problem is that using the orbital elements for the 
    ISS and soyuz, shows them apart, when they are docked.
    If they are not tracking soyuz behind the iss, then whats going wrong with 
    there equipment, and what are they tracking if they are really tracking 
    Here some info on the ISS from the oig
    1 25544U 98067A   01096.68481481  .00091097  00000-0  10041-2 0  8393
    2 25544  51.5691  89.0926 0005380 249.6761  99.3541 15.62329136135901
    25575 ISS (UNITY) No TLE found.
    1 26400U 00037A   00208.84261022 +.00077745 +00000-0 +63394-3 0 00592
    2 26400 051.5790 297.6001 0012791 171.3037 188.7763 15.69818870002328
    26700 ISS (DESTINY) No TLE found.
    so objects 25575 and 26700 don't have orbital elements for them, and look at 
    the epoch of the 26400 object they are for the future, what the heck is 
    going on. I am going to send a message to norad and see what they say, since 
    they supply the data to the oig.
    From: "ERKENSWICK, TOM M. (JSC-DM)" <>
    Subject: RE: Observations
    Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 13:01:49 -0500
    Don't be misled by the fact that various ISS modules and vehicles, including
    the Soyuz, have their own orbital elements in the OIG catalog that differ
    slightly from those attributed to ISS itself.  They are in fact all
    attached.  Otherwise, the Soyuz couldn't do its job as the lifeboat!  :-)
    The same problem existed for Mir...Kvant-2, Kristall, Priroda and Spektr all
    had slightly different orbital elements in the OIG catalog, despite the fact
    that they were attached to the Mir baseblock.  I'm sure that they are
    maintained as separate items because of the fact that they have a freeflight
    period when they rendezvous with the space station, and the possibility
    (however remote) that at some point they may undock.  But I don't have a
    clue as to why the orbital elements aren't synchronized while they are
    Tom M. Erkenswick
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