OIG/GSFC monthly SSR changes for FEB 28 & MAR 31, 2001

From: John W. Gardner, Jr. (gardjw@juno.com)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 18:34:46 PDT

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    Hello All,
    Apr 07, 2001  0133 UTC ... on time :)
    RE: Update on monthly changes of OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report
        Special note.  Again I request your patience in bandwidth usage.
        Apparently USSPACECOM is cleaning out the 'attic' with many changes
        of some significance. My apologies to all with other priorities
        or interest other than these satellite object re-designations.
    Re-cataloged objects are those which the launch ID number has been
    assigned to a NORAD number designation _different_ than the original.
    Significant name changes are defined as those clearly not same object.
    In other cases, name is similar, but generally more precise in nature.
    Per current OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report release of Mar 31, 2001
    Apr 2001   42/03 & 42/02  12 re-catalog items / 51 changes / 90 variants
    / 10 syntax
    The following listings are of discrepancies and/or corrections found in
    comparison of the Satellite Situation Reports Mar '01 v42#03 and
    Feb '01 v41#02  Note: No search made for launch/decay date conflicts.
    Comparison was restricted to the COSPAR (international launch item #).
    The 2nd item of each set is from current report.  12 re-catalogs found.
    NORAD    NAME                 FLAG   COSPAR     LAUNCHED    DECAYED     
    apo   per   inc
    11021U   SL-12 PLAT                 1978-084C   09/09/1978  09/10/78    
    181   152   51.6
    11021U   SL-12 PLAT                 1978-084B   09/09/1978  09/10/78    
    181   152   51.6
    11077U   SL-12 R/B                  1978-084B   09/09/1978  05/16/83  
    32282   357   46.4
    11077U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-073E   07/18/1978  07/13/79    
    789   153   46.3
    11941U   SL-12 R/B(2)               1978-073E   07/18/1978            
    36646 36477   15.4
    11941U   SL-12 R/B(2)               1978-073F   07/18/1978            
    36651 36473   15.4
    12027U   VENERA 11 DESCENT CRAFT    1978-084D   09/09/1978  12/25/78     
    12027U   VENERA 11 DESCENT CRAFT    1978-084C   09/09/1978  12/25/78     
    12784U   COSMOS 1299 (DUPLICATE)    1981-081B   08/24/1981  11/17/81    
    259   244   65.0
    12784U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-118D   12/19/1978  08/01/79   
    1158   131   46.7
    12807U   SL-11 R/B                  1981-081C   08/24/1981  09/07/81    
    183   168   65.0
    12807U   SL-11 R/B                  1981-081B   08/24/1981  09/07/81    
    183   168   65.0
    12808U   COSMOS 1299 FUEL CORE      1981-081D   08/24/1981              
    957   911   65.1
    12808U   COSMOS 1299 FUEL CORE      1981-081C   08/24/1981              
    953   915   65.1
    12809U   SL-11 PLAT                 1981-081E   08/24/1981  09/27/81    
    141   127   65.0
    12809U   SL-11 PLAT                 1981-081D   08/24/1981  09/27/81    
    141   127   65.0
    13273U   COSMOS 1335 DEB            1982-007N   01/29/1982  07/07/82    
    491   454   74.1
    13273U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-118E   12/19/1978  07/07/82   
    6029   109   46.5
    23243U   ARIANE 44L+ DEB            1992-021N   04/15/1992            
    37212   634    3.2
    23243U   ARIANE 2+ DEB              1989-027C   04/01/1989            
    37212   634    3.2
    25423U   PEGASUS DEB                1998-046L   08/02/1998  01/01/00    
    397   351   71.0
    25423U   SL-16 DEB                  1996-051L   09/04/1996  04/15/00    
    397   351   71.0
    25734U   CZ-4 DEB                   1999-025E   05/10/1999              
    870   843   98.8
    25734U   ARIANE 42P+ DEB            1992-072G   10/28/1992             
    1647   184    7.0
    Comparison was restricted to NAME applied to object. The _2nd_ item of
    each set is from current report.   52 name changes / 90 variants / 9
    NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG
    06894U   DELTA 1 R/B(1)             1973-078B   10/29/73
    06894U   DELTA 1 DEB                1973-078B   10/29/73   c
    06895U   DELTA 1 R/B(2)             1973-078C   11/29/96
    06895U   DELTA 1 R/B(1)             1973-078C   11/29/96   c
    06896U   DELTA 1 R/B(3)             1973-078D
    06896U   DELTA 1 R/B(2)             1973-078D              c
    07411U   OPS 6983 (DMSP 6)          1974-063A
    07411U   OPS 6983 (DMSP 5C F1)      1974-063A              c
    08054U   FB-1 R/B(CZ-2B)            1975-070B   08/25/75
    08054U   CZ-2B R/B                  1975-070B   08/25/75   c
    08491U   FB-1 R/B(CZ-2B)            1975-119B   01/10/76
    08491U   CZ-2B R/B                  1975-119B   01/10/76   c
    09395U   FB-1 R/B(CZ-2B)            1976-087B   02/04/78
    09395U   CZ-2B R/B                  1976-087B   02/04/78   c
    10820U   OPS 6182 (AMS 3)           1978-042A
    10820U   OPS 6182 (DMSP 5D-1 F2)    1978-042A              c
    11077U   SL-12 R/B                  1978-084B   05/16/83
    11077U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-073E   07/13/79   c
    12784U   COSMOS 1299 (DUPLICATE)    1981-081B   11/17/81
    12784U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-118D   08/01/79   c
    12844U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093C   11/22/81
    12844U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093C   11/22/81   c
    12846U   FB-1 R/B(CZ-2B)            1981-093E   04/10/83
    12846U   CZ-2B R/B                  1981-093E   04/10/83   c
    12847U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093F   11/25/81
    12847U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093F   11/25/81   c
    12884U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093G   05/22/82
    12884U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093G   05/22/82   c
    12885U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093H   05/20/82
    12885U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093H   05/20/82   c
    12890U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093J   10/20/81
    12890U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093J   10/20/81   c
    12958U   FB-1 DEB                   1981-093K   11/16/81
    12958U   CZ-2B DEB                  1981-093K   11/16/81   c
    13273U   COSMOS 1335 DEB            1982-007N   07/07/82
    13273U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       1978-118E   07/07/82   c
    14868U   SL-12 R/B                  1984-031B   03/31/84
    14868U   SL-12 R/B(1)               1984-031B   03/31/84   c
    22562U   START 1 R/B                1993-014B
    22562U   SL-18 R/B                  1993-014B              c
    22567U   START 1 DEB                1993-014C
    22567U   SL-18 DEB                  1993-014C              c
    22568U   START 1 DEB                1993-014D
    22568U   SL-18 DEB                  1993-014D              c
    22599U   START 1 DEB                1993-014E
    22599U   SL-18 DEB                  1993-014E              c
    22668U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077D
    22668U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077D              c
    22669U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077E
    22669U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077E              c
    22818U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077F
    22818U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077F              c
    23037U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077G
    23037U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077G              c
    23038U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077H
    23038U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077H              c
    23039U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077J
    23039U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077J              c
    23040U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077K
    23040U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077K              c
    23041U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077L
    23041U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077L              c
    23130U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077M
    23130U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077M              c
    23233U   DMSP F12 (USA 106)         1994-057A
    23233U   DMSP 5D-2 F12 (USA 106)    1994-057A              c
    23243U   ARIANE 44L+ DEB            1992-021N
    23243U   ARIANE 2+ DEB              1989-027C              c
    23619U   USA 31 DEB                 1988-077N
    23619U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077N              c
    23808U   USA 31 R/B DEB             1988-077P
    23808U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077P              c
    23809U   USA 31 R/B DEB             1988-077Q
    23809U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077Q              c
    23810U   USA 31 R/B DEB             1988-077R
    23810U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077R              c
    25284U   START 1 DEB                1993-014F
    25284U   SL-18 DEB                  1993-014F              c
    25423U   PEGASUS DEB                1998-046L   01/01/00
    25423U   SL-16 DEB                  1996-051L   04/15/00   c
    25489U   ATEX                       1998-055A
    25489U   STEX                       1998-055A              c (typo?)
    25734U   CZ-4 DEB                   1999-025E
    25734U   ARIANE 42P+ DEB            1992-072G              c
    25921U   ATHENA R/B (2) DEB         1999-051C   10/25/99
    25921U   ATHENA 2 R/B               1999-051C   10/25/99   c
    25957U   CSHL 05 R/B                1999-061B   11/27/99
    25957U   CZ-5 R/B                   1999-061B   11/27/99   c
    25958U   CSHL DEB(1)                1999-061C   11/21/99
    25958U   CZ-5 DEB                   1999-061C   11/21/99   c
    25959U   CSHL 05 DEB (2)            1999-061D   11/21/99
    25959U   CZ-5 DEB                   1999-061D   11/21/99   c
    26384U   NADEZHDA                   2000-033A
    26384U   NADEZHDA 6                 2000-033A              c
    26406U   BIRD-RUBEN/SL-08 R/B       2000-039C
    26406U   BIRD-RUBIN/SL-8 R/B        2000-039C              c (typo?)
    26408U   DELTA 2 R/B (1)            2000-040B   10/14/00
    26408U   DELTA 2 R/B                2000-040B   10/14/00   c
    26570U   PROGRESS-M1 4              2000-064A   01/29/01
    26570U   PROGRESS-M 43              2000-064A   01/29/01   c
    26665U   CZ-2 R/B                   2001-001B   01/20/01
    26665U   CZ-2F R/B                  2001-001B   01/20/01   c
    26688U   PROGRESS                   2001-003A
    26688U   PROGRESS-M1 5              2001-003A   03/23/01   c
    02418U   OPS 6026                   1966-082A
    02418U   OPS 6026 (DMSP 4A F1)      1966-082A              v (variant)
    02669U   OPS 6073                   1967-010A
    02669U   OPS 6073 (DMSP 4A F2)      1967-010A              v
    02920U   OPS 7202                   1967-080A
    02920U   OPS 7202 (DMSP 4A F3)      1967-080A              v
    02980U   OPS 1264                   1967-096A
    02980U   OPS 1264 (DMSP 4A F4)      1967-096A              v
    03266U   OPS 7869                   1968-042A
    03266U   OPS 7869 (DMSP 4B F1)      1968-042A              v
    03510U   OPS 4078                   1968-092A
    03510U   OPS 4078 (DMSP 4B F2)      1968-092A              v
    04047U   OPS 1127                   1969-062A
    04047U   OPS 1127 (DMSP 4B F3)      1969-062A              v
    04331U   OPS 0054                   1970-012A
    04331U   OPS 0054 (DMSP 5A F1)      1970-012A              v
    04512U   OPS 0203                   1970-070A
    04512U   OPS 0203 (DMSP 5A F2)      1970-070A              v
    04953U   OPS 5268                   1971-012A
    04953U   OPS 5268 (DMSP 5A F3)      1971-012A              v
    05557U   OPS 4311 (DMSP 1)          1971-087A
    05557U   OPS 4311 (DMSP 5B F1)      1971-087A              v
    05903U   OPS 5058 (DMSP 2)          1972-018A
    05903U   OPS 5058 (DMSP 5B F2)      1972-018A              v
    06275U   OPS 7323 (DMSP 3)          1972-089A
    06275U   OPS 7323 (DMSP 5B F3)      1972-089A              v
    07218U   OPS 8579 (DMSP 5)          1974-015A
    07218U   OPS 8579 (DMSP 5B F5)      1974-015A              v
    13736U   OPS 9845 (DMSP F6)         1982-118A
    13736U   OPS 9845 (DMSP 5D-2 F6)    1982-118A              v
    13737U   DMSP F6 DEB                1982-118B   10/01/91
    13737U   DMSP 5D-2 F6 DEB           1982-118B   10/01/91   v
    13738U   DMSP F6 DEB                1982-118C   10/26/99
    13738U   DMSP 5D-2 F6 DEB           1982-118C   10/26/99   v
    13773U   DMSP F6 DEB                1982-118D   06/06/91
    13773U   DMSP 5D-2 F6 DEB           1982-118D   06/06/91   v
    13774U   DMSP F6 DEB                1982-118E   10/29/91
    13774U   DMSP 5D-2 F6 DEB           1982-118E   10/29/91   v
    14506U   OPS 1294 (DMSP F7)         1983-113A
    14506U   OPS 1294 (DMSP 5D-2 F7)    1983-113A              v
    14553U   DMSP F7 DEB                1983-113B   09/02/91
    14553U   DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB           1983-113B   09/02/91   v
    14554U   DMSP F7 DEB                1983-113C   10/02/91
    14554U   DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB           1983-113C   10/02/91   v
    14609U   DMSP F7 DEB                1983-113D   06/19/92
    14609U   DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB           1983-113D   06/19/92   v
    14610U   DMSP F7 DEB                1983-113E   11/27/99
    14610U   DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB           1983-113E   11/27/99   v
    18123U   DMSP F8 (USA 26)           1987-053A
    18123U   DMSP 5D-2 F8 (USA 26)      1987-053A              v
    18127U   DMSP F8 DEB                1987-053B
    18127U   DMSP 5D-2 F8 DEB           1987-053B              v
    18128U   DMSP F8 DEB                1987-053C   11/04/99
    18128U   DMSP 5D-2 F8 DEB           1987-053C   11/04/99   v
    18154U   DMSP F8 DEB                1987-053D   04/11/99
    18154U   DMSP 5D-2 F8 DEB           1987-053D   04/11/99   v
    18159U   DMSP F8 DEB                1987-053E
    18159U   DMSP 5D-2 F8 DEB           1987-053E              v
    18822U   DMSP F9 (USA 29)           1988-006A
    18822U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 (USA 29)      1988-006A              v
    18845U   DMSP F9 DEB                1988-006B   10/29/92
    18845U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 DEB           1988-006B   10/29/92   v
    18846U   DMSP F9 DEB                1988-006C   03/12/92
    18846U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 DEB           1988-006C   03/12/92   v
    18955U   DMSP F9 DEB                1988-006D   06/30/95
    18955U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 DEB           1988-006D   06/30/95   v
    18956U   DMSP F9 DEB                1988-006E   02/02/89
    18956U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 DEB           1988-006E   02/02/89   v
    18984U   DMSP F9 DEB                1988-006F   10/05/00
    18984U   DMSP 5D-2 F9 DEB           1988-006F   10/05/00   v
    19490U   TITAN 34D R/B(2)           1988-077C
    19490U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE        1988-077C              v
    20978U   DMSP F10 (USA 68)          1990-105A
    20978U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 (USA 68)     1990-105A              v
    20979U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105B   10/28/98
    20979U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105B   10/28/98   v
    20983U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105C   02/06/91
    20983U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105C   02/06/91   v
    20984U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105D   08/04/92
    20984U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105D   08/04/92   v
    20987U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105E   02/23/91
    20987U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105E   02/23/91   v
    20988U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105F   06/02/91
    20988U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105F   06/02/91   v
    20989U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105G   02/16/91
    20989U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105G   02/16/91   v
    20990U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105H   01/10/91
    20990U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105H   01/10/91   v
    20991U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105J   09/20/91
    20991U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105J   09/20/91   v
    20992U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105K   03/02/91
    20992U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105K   03/02/91   v
    20993U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105L   09/02/91
    20993U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105L   09/02/91   v
    20997U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105P   01/05/91
    20997U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105P   01/05/91   v
    20998U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105M   01/30/91
    20998U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105M   01/30/91   v
    20999U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105N   02/02/91
    20999U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105N   02/02/91   v
    21071U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105Q   04/09/91
    21071U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105Q   04/09/91   v
    21072U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105R   03/18/91
    21072U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105R   03/18/91   v
    21073U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105S   07/02/99
    21073U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105S   07/02/99   v
    21074U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105T   03/09/91
    21074U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105T   03/09/91   v
    21075U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105U   02/09/91
    21075U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105U   02/09/91   v
    21076U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105V   02/21/91
    21076U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105V   02/21/91   v
    21077U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105W   05/19/91
    21077U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105W   05/19/91   v
    21078U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105X   04/12/91
    21078U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105X   04/12/91   v
    21079U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105Y   04/12/91
    21079U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105Y   04/12/91   v
    21080U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105Z
    21080U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105Z              v
    21124U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105AA  03/11/91
    21124U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105AA  03/11/91   v
    21125U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105AB  08/26/91
    21125U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105AB  08/26/91   v
    21127U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105AC  04/08/91
    21127U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105AC  04/08/91   v
    21215U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105AD  04/08/91
    21215U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105AD  04/08/91   v
    21690U   DMSP F10 DEB               1990-105AE  09/06/00
    21690U   DMSP 5D-2 F10 DEB          1990-105AE  09/06/00   v
    21798U   DMSP F11 (USA 73)          1991-082A
    21798U   DMSP 5D-2 F11 (USA 73)     1991-082A              v
    21800U   DMSP F11 DEB               1991-082B
    21800U   DMSP 5D-2 F11 DEB          1991-082B              v
    21801U   DMSP F11 DEB               1991-082C
    21801U   DMSP 5D-2 F11 DEB          1991-082C              v
    21825U   DMSP F11 DEB               1991-082D
    21825U   DMSP 5D-2 F11 DEB          1991-082D              v
    21836U   DMSP F11 DEB               1991-082E
    21836U   DMSP 5D-2 F11 DEB          1991-082E              v
    23234U   DMSP F12 DEB               1994-057B
    23234U   DMSP 5D-2 F12 DEB          1994-057B              v
    23235U   DMSP F12 DEB               1994-057C
    23235U   DMSP 5D-2 F12 DEB          1994-057C              v
    23250U   DMSP F12 DEB               1994-057D
    23250U   DMSP 5D-2 F12 DEB          1994-057D              v
    23277U   DMSP F12 DEB               1994-057E
    23277U   DMSP 5D-2 F12 DEB          1994-057E              v
    23533U   DMSP F13 (USA 109)         1995-015A
    23533U   DMSP 5D-2 F13 (USA 109)    1995-015A              v
    23534U   DMSP F13 DEB               1995-015B
    23534U   DMSP 5D-2 F13 DEB          1995-015B              v
    23535U   DMSP F13 DEB               1995-015C
    23535U   DMSP 5D-2 F13 DEB          1995-015C              v
    23594U   DMSP F13 DEB               1995-015D
    23594U   DMSP 5D-2 F13 DEB          1995-015D              v
    23595U   DMSP F13 DEB               1995-015E
    23595U   DMSP 5D-2 F13 DEB          1995-015E              v
    24753U   DMSP F14 (USA 131)         1997-012A
    24753U   DMSP 5D-2 F14 (USA 131)    1997-012A              v
    24756U   DMSP F14 DEB               1997-012B
    24756U   DMSP 5D-2 F14 DEB          1997-012B              v
    24765U   DMSP F14 DEB               1997-012C
    24765U   DMSP 5D-2 F14 DEB          1997-012C              v
    24777U   DMSP F14 DEB               1997-012D
    24777U   DMSP 5D-2 F14 DEB          1997-012D              v
    24778U   DMSP F14 DEB               1997-012E
    24778U   DMSP 5D-2 F14 DEB          1997-012E              v
    25587U   USA 31 R/B DEB             1988-077S
    25587U   TITAN 34D TRANSTAGE DEB    1988-077S              v
    25991U   DMSP F15 (USA 147)         1999-067A
    25991U   DMSP 5D-2 F15 (USA 147)    1999-067A              v
    25992U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067B
    25992U   DMSP 5D-2 F15 DEB          1999-067B              v
    25993U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067C
    25993U   DMSP 5D-2 F15 DEB          1999-067C              v
    26146U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067D
    26146U   DMSP 5D-2 F15 DEB          1999-067D              v
    26147U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067E
    26147U   DMSP 5D-2 F15 DEB          1999-067E              v
    26067U   PROGRESS M-1               2000-005A   04/27/00
    26067U   PROGRESS-M1 1              2000-005A   04/27/00   s (syntax)
    26301U   PROGRESS M1-2              2000-021A   10/24/00
    26301U   PROGRESS-M1 2              2000-021A   10/15/00   s
    26461U   PROGRESS M1-3              2000-044A   11/01/00
    26461U   PROGRESS-M1 3              2000-044A   11/01/00   s
    26553U   SL-04 R/B                  2000-058B   10/02/00
    26553U   SL-4 R/B                   2000-058B   10/02/00   s
    26571U   SL-04 R/B                  2000-064B   10/18/00
    26571U   SL-4 R/B                   2000-064B   10/18/00   s
    26604U   SL-04 R/B                  2000-070B   11/01/00
    26604U   SL-4 R/B                   2000-070B   11/01/00   s
    26616U   SL-04 R/B                  2000-073B   11/18/00
    26616U   SL-4 R/B                   2000-073B   11/18/00   s
    26689U   SL-04 R/B                  2001-003B   01/25/01
    26689U   SL-4 R/B                   2001-003B   01/25/01   s
    26692U   NAVSTAR 50 R/B(PAMD)       2001-004C
    26692U   NAVSTAR 50 R/B(PAM-D)      2001-004C              s
    HISTORY  Feb 2001 to May 1999
    Mar/Feb   01 v42#03/v42#02  12 re-cataloged 141 significant/variant
    Feb/Jan   01 v42#02/v42#01   O re-cataloged 119 significant/variant
    Jan/Dec   01 v42#01/v41#12   O re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
    Dec/Nov   00 v41#12/v41#11  20 re-cataloged 298 significant/variant
    Nov/Oct   00 v41#11/v41#10   O re-cataloged   8 significant name changes
    Oct/Sept  00 v41#10/v41#09   O re-cataloged   5 variant name changes
    Sept/Aug  00 v41#09/v41#08   2 re-cataloged   3 variant name changes
    Aug/July  00 v41#08/v41#07   O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    Jul/June  00 v41#07/v41#06   O re-cataloged  16 significant name changes
    June/May  00 v41#06/v41#05   O re-cataloged   1 significant name change
    May/Apr   00 v41#05/v41#04   O re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    Apr/Mar   00 v41#04/v41#03   O re-cataloged  21 significant name changes
    Mar/Feb   00 v41#03/v41#02   O re-cataloged  13 variant name changes
    Feb/Jan   00 v41#02/v41#01   3 re-cataloged  16 significant name changes
    Jan/Dec   00 v41#01/v40#12   3 re-cataloged   7 significant name changes
    Dec/Nov   99 v40#12/v40#11   4 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    Nov/Oct   99 v40#11/v40#10   1 re-cataloged   2 variant name changes
    Oct/Sept  99 v40#10/v40#9    4 re-cataloged   1 significant name change
    Sept/Aug  99 v40#9/v40#8     5 re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
    Aug/July  99 v40#8/v40#7     2 re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    July/June 99 v40#7/v40#6    12 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    June/May  99 v40#6/v40#5     O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    => Do visit the OIG/GSFC web service offering in the Query section...
    Catalog Change History Query
         Query for major changes to the satellite catalog by catalog number
         international designator (as of January 2000)
    John Gardner,Jr
    Hoarder of TLEs
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