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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 11:01:49 PDT

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    Don't be misled by the fact that various ISS modules and vehicles, including
    the Soyuz, have their own orbital elements in the OIG catalog that differ
    slightly from those attributed to ISS itself.  They are in fact all
    attached.  Otherwise, the Soyuz couldn't do its job as the lifeboat!  :-)
    The same problem existed for Mir...Kvant-2, Kristall, Priroda and Spektr all
    had slightly different orbital elements in the OIG catalog, despite the fact
    that they were attached to the Mir baseblock.  I'm sure that they are
    maintained as separate items because of the fact that they have a freeflight
    period when they rendezvous with the space station, and the possibility
    (however remote) that at some point they may undock.  But I don't have a
    clue as to why the orbital elements aren't synchronized while they are
    Tom M. Erkenswick
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    Subject: Observations
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    02:00:  Tried to see the new Russian satellite Cosmos 2367 make a 86
    degree overhead pass - at magnitude +1.4.  Did not appear in binoculars
    or naked-eye (LM +4 to +5; +2, respectively).  There were thin clouds,
    but extremely thin.
    I saw it with the naked eye on Thursday April 5 at around 21:00 EST as it 
    passes through leo. It was easy to spot, and bright.
    Heavens-Above gives a prediction for "SOYUZ TM-31" - does anyone know
    what that object is?  Could it be the launch vehicle attached to the ISS?
    This was the capsule that had the first crew going to the ISS. It also 
    serves as a lifeboat.
    It is seperated from the ISS at this time, and the ISS is in front of it
    according to stsplus.
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