From: Jonathan T Wojack (tlj18@juno.com)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 08:07:52 PDT

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    [All times in UT]
    0153: Saw the Lacrosse 3 Rocket - seemed to have a flash period in the
    neighborhood of about 30 seconds.  I was not aware that it was flashing. 
    Can anyone confirm or deny that this is a tumbler?
    This was just the first strange thing that happened last night.
    But I realized what I had missed by being busy in school nonstop for the
    last several months.  There is just something so indescribably awesome of
    being among the stars, planets, Moon, and satellites!
    02:00:  Tried to see the new Russian satellite Cosmos 2367 make a 86
    degree overhead pass - at magnitude +1.4.  Did not appear in binoculars
    or naked-eye (LM +4 to +5; +2, respectively).  There were thin clouds,
    but extremely thin.
    Yet another strange incident.
    02:13:  Saw the Cosmos 1953 Rocket.
    Heavens-Above gives a prediction for "SOYUZ TM-31" - does anyone know
    what that object is?  Could it be the launch vehicle attached to the ISS?
    02:22:  Saw the ISS naked-eye.  Was traveling too fast to be able to
    track it in the telescope.
    After the ISS pass was observed, the universe began to fall apart.
    I noticed that Orion's belt and sword was invisible, but this was not
    immediately jolting, considering that my glasses were off.  I put my
    glasses back on - and an extreme surprise resulted.  Orion has 4 corner
    stars of great brightness.  Only one on top and one on bottom was
    visible.  Everything else in the constellation was invisible.  Now there
    were thin clouds - but I could see a lot of other stars and a Moon in the
    sky.  'Till 2:45, the condition remained the same.  Except that Gemini
    and Aldebaran (sp?)  were in different positions than in my star atlas.
    There is only three possible rational explanations for this:
    1)  A nova/supernova occured.
    2)  I was temporarily insane.
    3)  I was delirious.
    Can anyone help me?  Has anyone seen the Orion constellation in the last
    12 hours?
    P.S.:  This is not a joke, if anyone thinks it is.  I really saw (or
    rather didn't see) what I have written above.
    Jonathan T. Wojack                 tlj18@juno.com
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    5 hours behind UT (-5)
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