Heavens-Above Hacked

From: Chris Peat (chris.peat@heavens-above.com)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 02:45:52 PDT

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    Hi All,
    Heavens-Above is back on-line. The hackers exploited a security weakpoint in
    the web server software, but I have obtained the latest patches and
    installed them and these are supposed to address this specific weakness.
    Some people saw nothing wrong yesterday when visiting the site, but this is
    because we have several servers and only one was attacked. If you were
    lucky, your request was handled by an unaffected machine and you saw
    Sorry for the outage, and you can be sure that security will be very high on
    our list of priorities from now on.
    Chris Peat, Heavens-Above GmbH
    E-mail: Chris.Peat@heavens-above.com
    Web site: www.heavens-above.com
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