SV: Equatorial mount pointing

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 13:52:03 PDT

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    It is not quite that simple - (most) satellites do not follow a great circle. Extreme cases are near-geosynchronous, or highly elliptic orbits.
    My program takes at least three predictions points, and does a least-squares fit to the points - in alt/az mode, then converts the pole location back to H.A/dec, or R.A/dec a given time before the pass.
    A typical LEO track has a "declination" of about -5, ie pole is 95 degrees "above" culmination.
    > The mathematics for equatorial mount pointing are this simple that not even
    > a piece of paper is needed: To provide a minimal rotation about the
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